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Why Sending Your Kid to a  Muay Thai Kickboxing School is a Good Idea.  Kickboxing has its 2000-year-old roots, in Thailand. It was most taught for self-defense and was called Muay Thai. Later it was employed in combat during wars, and that is how it became popular in the competitions arena. Some people have a perception that martial art, in general, is violent and induce violence in children. But that has never been the case, most people learn and teach I, for keeping fit and defense reasons only there are a few reasons why kickboxing can be a good thing to add to your child’s life. Muay Thai School St. Louis

Kickboxing Classes for Kids in St. Louis

1.    Exercise With the rise of iPad and other gadgets, children just do not go out to play anymore. Obesity in adolescents is a big problem in America. Children who are overweight suffer a higher risk of health problems in their late twenties and early thirties. Obesity is the second greatest reason for preventable death. Enrolling your kid into a physically demanding sport like kickboxing can help keep them in shape and far away from numerous health problems.

2.    Discipline  Learning kickboxing is a process that inculcates discipline as you move on. Enrolling your child in such a program at an early age can help them gain a sense of self-control and body fitness. Keeping their body in good shape requires them to follow a strict discipline. Discipline is as important for a kick boxer as it is for a soldier.

3.    Strength Children go through various practice routines and different exercises. These build muscle and strength in their bodies. The main reason for any martial arts technique including kickboxing is not offense but defense. You will feel more content in your heart knowing your child is equipped with skills to protect themselves. Sports like kickboxing are an outlet for aggression and controlling it. Children learn their strengths and find out what they can do. Knowing what they can achieve through their bodies gives them a sense of achievement. Most people would rather their daughter took gymnastics or ballet because kickboxing just seems too dangerous. But it is a sport just like any other. It can teach both girls and boys some great skills that will keep the mentally and physically healthy.

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