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Why Kickboxing is Safe for Kids Most people are on the fence about signing their kids up for sports. They have the misconception that martial arts or kickboxing is dangerous and may induce violence. But the fact is, that this belief cannot be farther away from the truth. When entering your kid into kickboxing aka Muay Thai, you need to know how the course is broken down.

They are divided into 6-month lessons. The first one brings them to a level with the basics and builds confidence; the second part teaches them about, how to deal with bullies and creates a sense of awareness with strangers. Next comes Dutch Kickboxing Drills and after all that, they slowly ease into Competition Prep and Sparring. If you think that it will be too much for your kid to take all at once, you should know that things become easier with time as they make natural adjustments. Kickboxing School St. Louis Some people believe that it may cause their children to become violent. They must know that martial arts have been found to be great for children with ADHD and ADD. They are also a way to express aggression rather than cause it. By dealing with their extra energy at the dojo, your child may get calmer the rest of the time. Another thing that most parents are afraid of is their kids involving in an accident that can result in head injuries. Their fears are valid to an extent.

Kickboxing Classes for Kids St. Louis

Even though learning to defend yourself from attacks to the head should be the core, most kickboxing schools realize the harm it can do to small children. A blow to the head can cause the release of certain chemicals in your brain, and that can cause depression and suicidal thoughts. The professionals at training centers know these facts, and that’s why they keep children away from such scenarios where their head might get a blow. Keeping all this in mind, you can see that it is much safer to enroll your kid in the sport, especially if you think about leaving them with zero tools to protect themselves when the need arises.

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