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Factors That Help You Assess the Quality of a Karate School

Enrolling yourself or your kids in a karate school and Martial Arts can be a fantastic idea. You get to do some exercise and learn some effective self-defense techniques with that. Research has shown that martial art can help children with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). It is a great way to teach your children discipline, teamwork, and self-reliance.

With that said, you must also remember that all karate schools are not alike. The same way all forms of martial arts are different. Before joining any school, you need to do a lot of research. Here are a few things you need to keep in mind before choosing a Dojo:

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Choose a Style

Before entering any martial arts school find out what they teach and does it align with your goals. For example, Kung Fu help you get physically fit and includes an all-around body workout. Naginata teaches etiquette, respect, and self-confidence along with building muscles and acquiring new skills, that can help you unlock your inner potential. Hapkido, a Korean form of martial art includes joint locks, throws, and dynamic kicking. Since the techniques require minimal strength, it is an excellent way for women to defend themselves against men.

Visit the Dojo

It’s great if you know what you need and what style suits you, but the next step is also very important. You need to go to the dojo and see how they teach people. Look at how the teacher is treating the students. More importantly, see how the students react to the teacher. There is a fine line between fear and respect. Notice the teaching process. Take My Do is a popular term in the martial art community. Those who have dwelled in different dojos and seen how they work know most about it. Some instructors are there just for the money. They forget the entire reason behind being a teacher.

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Next step is to know your teacher before you select them. You want to be sure that the master is dedicated to teaching an art to your kid. Sometimes, their top priority is that their bills get paid, the rest doesn’t mean much to them. Martial art is a process where the aspect of respect is necessary. Find out what your teacher’s teaching philosophies are. See how they overcome problems. Ask questions and see not just what their answer is but also how they say it. Another master you need to beware of is the one who victimizes their students. They belittle them and through shaming and degrading techniques. There are not many who are like that but if they do they can easily beat you down both physically and mentally. Looking for testimonials and doing a background check can save you from future problems

Karate Lessons

Many dojos offer trial periods. Utilize them, to get all of your answers. Observe the teaching process and how the master communicates. Judge whether the words are more positive or negative. See how the teacher treats the students.

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