Grant’s Farm This Weekend

Why You Should Take Your Children to Grant’s Farm This Weekend

Are you tired of seeing your kids stuck to their consoles? Do you face trouble when planning a mini weekend getaway with your family? Consider adding Grant’s Farm in St. Louis to your list of places to visit. Grant’s Farm is one of the most famous family vacation spots in St. Louis. The place is also seen as being well within the budget for most families and is especially loved by kids under 13.

At the beginning of your journey, a $12 fee for parking will be paid, and the entry will be free. Weekdays are considered to be better if you do not wish to come across a larger crowd. Once you enter the farm, you will be amazed by the peaceful environment around you. You have the opportunity to take the tram and ride it for 15 minutes while enjoying a refreshing green view with deer, zebra, and other animals wandering around the place.

Seeing the animals can be an exciting adventure for the children and there is also educational animal shows that they will love. The elephant education shows are considered to be a favorite of all the visitors. You can also take the children to an animal feeding adventure for which you will need to have plenty of change on you.  Another worth visiting place is St. Louis Zoo which is very popular amongst the visitors.

In case you find yourself or your family getting hungry, you can visit The Beer Garden which has a large welcoming outdoor sitting area. You can find some of the favorites such as pizzas, salads, and brats here and for visitors who are above 21 can enjoy two glasses of beer for free.

The Budweiser Clydesdale Stable is another must-visit place in the Grant’s Farm. It can be found the opposite to the parking area and has about 25 Clydesdales that are hard to be missed once you enter the area. There is also a gift shop that you can visit to buy a souvenir as a memory of the trip, or you can buy something for a friend while you are there.

Grant’s Farm is an absolute fun-filled place which should be visited by everyone looking for spending more quality time with their children.

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